Watch how a 1300 Phone Word can benefit your business and take you to that next level!

ultimate advertising weapon

Your 1300 Phone Word will become your ultimate advertising weapon, helping accelerate the growth of your business and crushing your competitors.

Consumers are encouraged to call your 1300 number as they can contact you from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call.


Your 1300 Phone Word will make your small business look big, and your big business look even bigger. Let’s face it, you are always being judged and with a 1300 Phone Word, your business looks more established, reputable and trustworthy.

more leads and enquiries

Consumers will always call a 1300 number rather than a mobile or interstate number when they want to make an enquiry.
Why not, it’s only the cost of a local call!

flexible and scalable

1300 numbers are fully flexible if you begin to expand your business to multiple locations and easy to port the number if you decide to move address.