Watch how a 1800 Phone Word can help your business generate more leads and enquiries.

ultimate advertising weapon

Your 1800 Phone Word will be your ultimate marketing weapon, helping to crush your competition and fast track your business' goals.

Everyone loves dialing a 1800 number as it's a free call to make an enquiry no matter where you are located Australia wide.


Your 1800 Phone Word will make your small company look big, and your big company look even bigger. 1800 numbers have a perception of being large, national and established businesses.

more enquiries and more leads

Everyone knows that a 1800 number is a free call, so when deciding who to call first, the interstate and mobile numbers get left behind!

1800 numbers are not only popular for lead generation, they are also used to help manage customer support enquiries.

scalability and flexibility

Your 1800 number can receive calls to your home office, your mobile phone or any of your company offices Australia wide.

They are fully flexible if your company is growing or if you decide to move to a different address / location.